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AMTA offers students of all skill levels a wide range of opportunities to improve as musicians!

local recitals

One of the best ways to improve as a musician is to perform in front of a live audience. AMTA hosts regular recitals to give students opportunities to play in a welcoming environment.

Theory test

Understanding music theory is an essential part of playing any instrument. In addition to written theory, students are tested on their ability to transcribe rhythms, melodies and chord progressions by ear.
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piano ensemble

Music is always better when it's made with others! AMTA regularly takes a group to the state convention to perform the same piece on the 15 grand pianos - at the same time.
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Gain a better understanding of music by learning about the lives of composers and musical styles.
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Performance Competition

This is the premier event for students who wish to perform at the highest level. Competitors prepare a memorized program to perform in front of a panel of judges.
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Original Composition

Students write and submit a musical composition with help from their private teacher.
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How playing piano makes you more successful in life

Did you know that when you’re learning to play the piano you are actually improving several skills that will help you be more successful in other areas such as college or work?

So what is it that makes musicians more successful in life? Here is a list of six essential skills that you will master by practicing the piano: read more 

Improve Memory and Brain Health

Compelling research shows the cognitive benefits of playing an instrument extended beyond tasks directly relevant for musical practice to also include improvements to general cognitive functions, such as attention, reasoning, and speed of information processing.