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"Where words leave off, music begins."
- Heindrich Heine

The role of the parent cannot be understated in the development of young musicians

You don't have to practice every day, only the days you eat!

Parents: Before You Start Ask These Questions

1. Who wants to learn?

2. Why does your child wish to learn?

3. How involved are you willing to be?

Helpful Parent Resources

Starting music lessons can feel overwhelming. We like what these fellow parents say about their own experience helping their children learn an instrument:

Why I Make My Kids Take Music Lessons (ScaryMommy)

What parents say and do matter

Research confirms the benefits of learning a musical instrument. It develops a life-long skill and offers children a means of enjoyment and self-expression.

Practice Tips for Parents


Practicing at the same time every day is the best way to create a habit!


Instead of a time limit, set a “goal limit” – “I’m going to practice till I can play this section without one mistake…”


Provide a quiet designated proactive enables regularly and privacy


Never make negative comments about your child’s playing.  Instead, be honest and supportive of the improvements they show.


Listen to music together – instruments you hear, if a section is happy or sad or if it tells a story.

Improve Memory and Brain Health

Compelling research shows the cognitive benefits of playing an instrument extended beyond tasks directly relevant for musical practice to also include improvements to general cognitive functions, such as attention, reasoning, and speed of information processing.

Talk to a teacher today

Deciding to enroll your child in music lessons is a big commitment.  
Reach out to AMTA teachers who are experienced and qualified to answer any question you may have.